Excavate and Install – Where poor base is present (clay, topsoil, excessive moisture, rocks, etc.) we propose excavating and disposing of existing base to a depth averaging between 12”-18” (30cm-45cm), and replacing with proper base aggregate – e.g.  Granular “A” gravel,  ¾ inch crushed stone and sand mixture, etc. Compact base and install hot mix asphalt.

Remove and Replace – Remove and dispose of existing pavement. Prepare existing base by grading, leveling for proper drainage, and compacting. Compact base and install hot mix asphalt.

Prepare and Install – No existing pavement on work area. Prepare area by grading, leveling for proper drainage, compacting, and adding granular aggregate base materials as required. Compact base and install hot mix asphalt.

Resurfacing/overlays – Apply a new layer of hot mix asphalt over existing pavement. Not appropriate if existing pavement is in exceedingly poor condition, e.g. significant amount of cracking, fragmenting, depressions, poor base or having improper drainage.


  • Driveway paving
  • Parking lots
  • Roadways
  • Walkways
  • Sports courts
  • Loading docks
  • Golf course pathways
  • Repairs

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Positano Paving is a family-owned and operated company that was founded by our father A.J. in Toronto in 1956. In 1985, the company relocated to the Barrie area and has been focused on serving Simcoe County ever since. We offer residential, commercial and industrial driveway paving in Barrie, Innisfil, Orillia and surrounding areas.


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